The Cure for SARS

People needed the cure for SARS. In the period from November of 2002 and July 2003, the world was terrified by SARS, that infected over 8000 people and was the main cause of 900 deaths. The condition was unknown to many people. To provide any information about the disease, researchers published many articles  in newspapers and magazines, as they were striving to find a cure for SARS that was affecting the population.

In July 2003, the World Health Organization has announced that the infection has been contained. However, there was still no SARS cure and that the SARS virus may preserve in animals and could return to human at any time. To avoid future deaths, researchers are examining SARS and trying to cure the viral infection. At the moment,  there is no official cure for the disease, but there are some ways to treat a person who has got the acute respiratory syndrome.

The most effective treatment method is vaccine for people that are at high risk of getting the infection. The vaccine was developed by Chinese scientists and is very effective, with patients being able to produce antibodies that resist the virus. Researchers were trying many different methods to stop the symptoms of SARS. But many of them did not produced a desired effect and became controversial. My Canadian Pharmacy professional team informs, that the most effective SARS remedy is a combination of corticosteroids, Kaletra, and Ribavirin that can help at early detection of the disease.