The Main Risk Factors for SARS Contraction

When the SARS appeared, people were concerned about the most important question. The virus had a new appearance, and there was little information provided to the public about th disease and many people wondered what are the risk factors for SARS contraction. As soons as they learned more details about the deadly disease, they started learning about the different risk factors for SARS. There is a number of risk factors that could provoke an infection by SARS and the development a respiratory syndrome.

The main SARS risk factor is the primary geographical location. In the USA,  the district of Chinatown in New York City was considered the place with the prevalence and the highest spread of the infection. The reason is the origin of the disease. According to My Canadian Pharmacy data, the SARS virus appeared in Asia and later travelled to other continents. New York City is the home to many Chinese immigrants, some of them brought the virus with them from Asia. The infections in Chinatown has spread quickly, as there were many people in a small amount of space there. However, the SARS virus was quickly inhibited by local authorities and the fear about the disease damaged Chinatown more than the illness itself.

Another SARS risk factor relates to has personal hygiene. With the emergance of SARS, many people learned that their levels of personal hygiene were far from the standards. Many people began to wear masks and wash their hands properly, as it proved that frequent washing of the hands could prevent SARS contraction.