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Readers have been deluging me with SARS information links. Thank you.

It doesn’t make sense for me to add all of them to the carefully chosen

list of links in the sidebar, and I don’t have time to write a

descriptions for all of them. However, I wanted to share them, so I have

created this separate page for them, which I will update irregularly.

This page was last updated May 21, 2003

The categories are:

Please feel free to suggest additional sites.

Hong Kong The has a


United States

In the US, for all the visibility the CDC gets, public heath is very much a local matter.

These are the result of long study. The report concludes that it is ok

to use alcohol hand rubs, especially it that means health care workers

actually do practice good hand hygiene.

Information from and for our second line of defense.

at the Library at the University of Iowa has put together an excellent

list of SARS links, much more nicely formatted than mine. They have done

an especially nice job cataloguing and linking to .

Cases near home.


Lots of information.

on the internet. Very long list, geared toward Canadian resources, but a lot of good medical stuff.


A good website for finding out the official Chinese news on SARS. .

Very respectable. It contains quarantine locations, case numbers,

hospitals and hotlines for foreigners, and lots of other useful

information, all in English. , with local SARS news.

The Netherlands . They asked me to link to them, so I did.

best place to find SARS stories in English from around the world, although there is a strong bias towards US news stories.

Good place to find breaking news from the wire services

Broke some very important stories on SARS.

Official news in English from the Chinese State News Agency

Unfortunately it is poorly organized, and the articles aren’t dated, but at least all the stories are in one place.

is useful for finding non-U.S. content, but not as good as Google News because of the high proportion of tabloid stories.

seems to be a semi-official source of information on SARS in Taiwan.

section – has a real commitment to using the web for communication.

page of the New England Journal of Medicine.

British medical journal with some reports on SARS. . Several articles on SARS. SARS Watch was their website of the week one week. . Published some important papers on SARS.

did some of the earliest and best reporting on SARS in Beijing, and on

the government’s attempts to hide it. Richard was famous before SARS for

reporting on Chinese censoring of weblogs. With his departure from

China cane his removal from the links on the home page of SARS Watch

Org, yet Peking Duck will stay on my personal non-SARS daily reading

list, for the quality of his writing and analysis. It will be

interesting to see what he makes of Singapore, where he is moving to.

is written by Jocelyn, an American now living in Shanghai who writes about the effects of SARS on her daily life.

Chris Erway, a young American university student, is back in Hong Kong. He also posts emails from friends in the mainland.

, a weblog by Kevin Miller, an American University professor in Beijing. He has posted a , and is translating it.

in Mainland China Alf is a young American who spent a year teaching English in China. He got a little more than he bargained for.

A good weblog with lots of SARS coverage by an American in Tianjin, China, named Adam Morris.

, written by a teacher in Singapore, describes her fears about SARS, and the difficulties of living with the current regime.

a surprisingly vacuous and trite weblog from Beijing, which is being published by Slate.


a Singapore weblog written by somebody born in Texas, USA to British

parents. She occasionally has pithy things to say about SARS in


, a weblog written in English by a Chinese citizen who is a journalist.

a personal weblog by Belgian in Beijing.

Map of SARS cases in China. Regularly updated with the official news. See to understand how to change all the options on the map.

Old, but startling graphic on New York Times Site site shows 249 people infected by one person

from the New England Journal of Medicine. The Library at the University of Iowa has a link list of relating to SARS. The WHO posted a series of , but hasn’t been very good at keeping them up to date. Bob Riley in the U.S. is updating graphs and tables of SARS cases daily at .

Very active Hong Kong (bilingual) SARS discussion forum.

Another active SARS discussion forum.

A very interestingly designed one page SARS portal.

Information site/ weblog in German on SARS – I can’t read German so I know nothing about it.

Large list set up soon after the first day of outbreak.


Wikipedia is the open source encyclopedia, where anyone can contribute.

The quality of contributions can vary widely. The page on SARS is well


The first book on SARS. A free 62 page medical reference book with

chapters on the history, virology, transmission, epidemiology, diagnosis

and treatment of SARS. Heavily footnoted with links. Authors say they

will update monthly.

from the How Stuff Works website. As of May 2003, it was a reasonable introduction to SARS, written at a high school level.

a good starting point for laypeople trying to understand medical terminilogy.

is one of the best places to find short summaries of diseases and their treatements.

is one of the best places to find summaries of diseases that laypeople

can understand without doing a lot of work. We have the paper one at


? Courtesy of David Sifry of .

(Courtesy of Scott of .)

Share news and discuss the SARS epidemic at the

Read SARS Watch Org using a news reader:

Find out about the goals of the site, read:

This graph is updated daily except Sunday, courtesy of Dave O’Brien. For more graphs, see Dave O’Brien’s amazing ,

which updates daily except Sunday with graphs of the SARS epidemic for

each country that has reported at least one case of SARS.


Best single source of information on SARS, the disease. . The official world source of SARS information.

From a country with an active outbreak

Issues daily situation reports on the SARS outbreak.

Issues very detailed daily situation reports on the SARS outbreak. , and .

Moderately useful. Hopefully, the is better.

A good introduction to Emerging Diseases (PDF) from US Institute of Medicine

A free 62 page medical reference book with chapters

on the history, virology, transmission, epidemiology, diagnosis and

treatment of SARS.


Daily updates on emerging infectious diseases – great summaries.

Probably the best journalist on the “epidemic beat”.

The hometown paper of the CDC – has the inside scoop.

The international case count.

The US case count.

The best place to find SARS stories in English from around the world

Good place to find breaking news from the wire services

WEBLOGS Personal accounts from people living in areas heavily impacted by SARS

Dr. Jen Jen in Singapore Great writing from someone on the frontlines of the battle against SARS

in Hong Kong Would be worth reading even if it wasn’t for SARS

in Hong Kong. Great reporting on SARS in Hong Kong, almost 24×7

in Tianjin, China A good weblog with lots of SARS coverage by a young American, Adam Morris.

in Shanghai. Great weblog by a Chinese national, currently focused on SARS

in Harbin, China. Brendan O’Kane’s infrequent but interesting reports on life in Harbin, near the border with Russia.

in Malaysia Focused more on business, but SARS is affecting business

UNOFFICIAL SARS INFORMATION SITES Like this one, aggregating information and providing links.


appears to be my good twin. He gets up early every morning and writes a

summary of SARS news for the Agonist’s bulletin boards. He does very

good work.

in Singapore has lots of good links.

For links to more resources, see the page.

Know a good source of information? a URL.

Non Fiction

The Medical Detectives

by Berton Roueche

Wonderful, quirky and classic tales of daily epidemiology from the

1940’s to the 1980’s, the stories in ttis book originally appeared in

the Annals of Medicine series in the New Yorker. I would love to have Roueche’s job, and be a paid journalist explaining medicine and public health to a lay audience. Recommended.


Executive Orders by Tom Clancy

Has anybody else noticed how much recent

events, (i.e. suicide crash of jetliner by terrorists, new infectious

disease, and war in the Middle East) are following the plot of this

novel published 5 years ago? Too bad George W. Bush is no Jack Ryan. Recommended.

For more book recommendations, see the SARS Watch Org page.

To discuss relevant books you have read, or to suggest your own favorites, go the on the SARS Watch Bulletin Boards.

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