SARS Spreads Uncontained

The SARS outbreak of 2003 was very bad news across the world and has had many victims. In a matter of months it spread from China to every continent and left behind more than 800 grieving families.

The first reported case of the infection was placed on November 16th in the year 2002. A farmer from the province of Guangdong in China showed a series of flu related symptoms. Since at first it did not seem like much, doctors tried their best to fight every symptom at a time, unable to come up with a solution to completely cure the man.

After a while the disease seemed to spread over to other patient and health-care workers and it became clear that it was more than a simple flu. The existence of this new disease was not immediately reported to the World Health Organization as not to cause alarm amongst the public, but also because it was very difficult to differentiate the symptoms of SARS from other diseases.

With no knowledge of the severity of what was happening in China at the time and without proper treatment and lack of containment, SARS managed to spread. The disease was transmitted to the surrounding countries when residents began travelling from China. After the appearance of SARS in the Foshan County it spread over to Hong Kong.

A Chinese-American businessman who was infected with the severe acute respiratory syndrome started the outbreak in Vietnam when he was on a business trip. Hanoi was the second big city to be infected and it was here where a doctor from the World Health Organization discovered the disease to have unusual properties.

After seeing an outbreak among hospital workers after the first patient was admitted the new condition presented in the hospital was clearly not the flu and it was pronounced to be a new disease. After it was made public actions of containment and quarantine began until the epidemic ended in mid 2003.