SARS Treatment and Medicine Information

SARS Treatment is very important for all those patients that think or already know that they have this condition. If you think you have it, you should try to isolate yourself and be careful about passing it to others. This respiratory disease is caused by the corona-virus and it began spreading on Asia and already have reached over 30 countries. Many people got affected by the disease and treatment is not that complicated if you get it on time.

To prevent it My Canadian Pharmacy advises to take care of your personal hygiene and keep your hands clean every time you shake hands with anyone. Also avoid sharing personal hygiene things like your tooth brush or eating utensils. The SARS symptoms begin with:

  • high fever,
  • chills,
  • headache and diarrhea.

If you start presenting at least 2 of these symptoms then you might have SARS.

Most common treatments aren’t that expensive and are available for everyone at any place, you don’t have to request medicine and wait for it or something that will take a lot of money to do. If you have SARS, probably you will stay at a hospital due to the spreading problem of the disease, once you finish taking medication you will finally be SARS cured.

Treatments include antibiotics to kill the bacteria that cause the disease, antiviral medications, high doses of steroids because the lungs swell and it takes a bit of time for you to recover 100% and some SARS patients will need oxygen as support if they take a long time on going to the hospital and getting medicine, might need therapy.

Some recent My Canadian Pharmacy studies have shown that some other medications can help with treating SARS, some hepatitis medication can be used to help the liver condition after the disease attacking for example. There are many ways to overcome this disease if you think you have it then look for more convenient and close SARS treatment for you.