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Wangjianshuo Great weblog by a Chinese national, currently focused on SARS Big White Guy Weblog would be worth reading even if it wasnt for SARS

Flying Chair Great reporting on SARS in Hong Kong, almost 247

Bokane The journal of Brendan OKane, a 20 year-old American teaching English in Northeastern China Brainysmurf A good weblog with lots of SARS coverage by a young American, Adam Morris.

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This graph is updated daily except Sunday, courtesy of Dave OBrien. For more graphs, see Dave OBriens amazing Diaspoir SARS graph gallery, which updates daily except Sunday with graphs of the SARS epidemic for each country that has reported at least one case of SARS.


New email address Dr. Jiang Yanyong released from custody, then given the 2004 Ramon Magsaysay Award for Public Service Dr. Jiang Yanyong, hero of the SARS epidemic, imprisoned in China Its official: SARS is back Has SARS reappeared in mainland China? Possible, but not likely. Wall Street Journal: Megadoses of Steroids Devastated Many Chinese SARS Patients Singapore takes no chances with SARS, quarantines 70, Taiwanese researcher criticized Taiwan confirms new SARS case SARS virus origin part bird, part mammal? Mothballing SARS Watch Org Good reading: Microbial Threats to Health: Emergence, Detection, and Response (2003) SARS Virus Dies Earlier When Heats On Good to the Last Dropping Behind the Six Degrees of SARS WHO: Why SARS is a serious threat Spitting in the news Dr. Donald Low: Canada playing numbers game with SARS epidemic Anthony Saich on China and SARS in the Financial Times Site news: Going out of town for 1 week, fund raising update SARS News tidbits


OFFICIAL CDCs SARS page Best single source of information on SARS, the disease. WHOs SARS page. The official world source of SARS information. Health Canadas SARS page From a country with an active outbreak

Hong Kong Health Department Issues daily situation reports on the SARS outbreak. Singapore Ministry of Health Issues very detailed daily situation reports on the SARS outbreak. Taiwanese CDCs SARS web page in English, and Taiwanese Ministry of Health SARS web page.

Moderately useful. Hopefully, the chinese language site is better.

Microbial Threats to Health A good introduction to Emerging Diseases (PDF) from US Institute of Medicine

SARS Reference A free 62 page medical reference book with chapters on the history, virology, transmission, epidemiology, diagnosis and treatment of SARS.

NEWS ProMed Daily updates on emerging infectious diseases great summaries. News Stories by Laurie Garrett Probably the best journalist on the epidemic beat.

The Atlanta JCs SARS stories The hometown paper of the CDC has the inside scoop.

World Cumulative SARS Cases The international case count. SARS US Cases The US case count.

Google News Search: SARS

The best place to find SARS stories in English from around the world

UNOFFICIAL SARS INFORMATION SITES Like this one, aggregating information and providing links.

Docbears daily SARS updates Docbear appears to be my good twin. He gets up early every morning and writes a summary of SARS news for the Agonists bulletin boards. He does very good work. Vernon Lees SARS site in Singapore has lots of good links.

For links to more resources, see the Additional SARS Resources On The Internet page.

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Non Fiction

Plagues and Peoples by William H. McNeill

I first read this classic in college 20 years ago, and Ive never forgotten its account of how the European conquest of America was aided by the little remarked upon fact that the population of the Americas was reduced by 90% in the first century after 1492, primarily by infectious diseases. A pioneering look at the role of infectious diseases in human history, and a good and quick read. Highly recommended.


The First Horseman

by John Case

This terrifying thriller teaches a lot about the Spanish Flu. Case has done his research, and also knows how to write a page turner. Recommended.

For more book recommendations, see the SARS Watch Org Books page.

To discuss relevant books you have read, or to suggest your own favorites, go the Books Forum on the SARS Watch Bulletin Boards.


Roger Kebble in court on R7m fraud chargesIOL Jun 23 2006 7:17AM GMTChinese scientists reveal first case of human bird fluSun-Journal Jun 23 2006 7:05AM GMTWe need AIDS cure, not ABCMmegi Online Jun 23 2006 5:39AM GMTRoger Kebble appears in court in connection with R7m fraudCape Times Jun 23 2006 5:08AM GMTChinese scientists reveal earliest human case of bird fluSalem Evening News (MA) Jun 23 2006 5:04AM GMTBird Flu Mistaken As SARS In 2003WORLD FITNESS Jun 23 2006 4:32AM GMTScientists Want Bird Flu Report WithdrawnNews 4 Jun 23 2006 4:06AM GMTChina may have had bird flu years before first reportTaipei Times Online Jun 23 2006 3:45AM GMTBeijing man may have been early bird flu caseChina Post Jun 23 2006 3:23AM GMTHealth Highlights: June 22, 2006HealthScout Jun 23 2006 3:11AM GMTScientists Want Bird Flu Report WithdrawnCBS4 Boston Jun 23 2006 3:04AM GMTFitch Affirms Hawaii Airport System at A’; Outlook Revised to Stable Scientists Want Bird Flu Report Withdrawn Scientists Want SARS Report Withdrawn Spread of bird flu likely by personal contactThe Herald Jun 23 2006 2:23AM GMTScientists want bird flu report withdrawnAP via Lubbock Online Jun 23 2006 1:48AM GMTBird flu may have been mistaken for SarsOtago Daily Times Jun 23 2006 1:33AM GMTASEAN official praises China for supporting health programsPeoples Daily Online Jun 23 2006 1:02AM GMTAvian flu or SARS? Case of mistaken identity in ChinaTimes of India Jun 23 2006 12:17AM GMTNews powered by Moreover Technologies


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