SARS Symptoms

Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) is a potencially deadly disease. It has killed many people around the world. The main difficulty is that SARS symptoms are similar to the signs of other diseases, making the virus infection difficult to identify. To detect the disease was a real challenge for doctors and could pose a danger in the future.

There are only a few definite SARS symptoms but all the rest can be common to many other diseases and may not be noticed in time. The SARS outbreak happened in 2002 and spread so quickly because the illness was considered a simple flu.

The first SARS symptom is a high body temperature that can reach 38 degrees Celsius. This can be accompanied by a dry cough and a sore throat. These signs don’t look very serious together and seem treatable conditions. Some patients experienced chills and shivering as well.

Symptoms of SARS were not observed in all patients or did not manifest in the same way, making the disease even more difficult to recognize. Muscle pain was also typical for SARS patients. Patients of those times suffered from gastrointestinal problems and even lethargy.

When the disease progresses and the patients’ condition gets worse, they may suffer from shortness of breath. The main problem is the emergence of pneumonia, which is very hard to treat, according to My Canadian Pharmacy experts. The chance to survive reduces after this point.

The SARS virus is considered fully contained in humans but if doctors suspect a person to have the ilness, this will require immediate quarantine to avoid another epidemic. SARS is not curable at the moment, but scientists are working on it.